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!list giacomo_c: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu!bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu!alis ». dougiel, it was smooth going for me. I have an AMD system and it ran fine !it | giacomo_c giacomo_c: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette) So I am using X-chat and trying to do a chat with a remote machine on my lan. How to do that? kichigai, thanks kichigai, this is a great idea. just wish they made them available for linux Hrm, how do I disable empathy? I have apache2 installed and running, however when i go to localhost on my windows machine i get a bad request error I didn't do anything funky, just installed it It's the default. I just want to disable it, ideally by switching to pidgin (which I do have) Hello dougiel, what about a webcam? i have set DocumentRoot, PHP is set to work Has anyone ever found a solution for Firefox not letting you save files to it? It keeps getting a "File I/O error" and everything locks up? I have to install it seperately for Linux. but it's amazing how good it runs. But I can still



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Wondershare Filmora Scrn 2.0.1 Crack
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