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Our children are the centre of our universe since the moment they were created! They are our reason to smile, to cry with joy, the reason why we marvel every day for each step and every new word they learn.


The memories that we have with them are very precious, so it is important to capture their growth from the moment they were born, because when they will be all grown up, we, the parents, will remain with the memories!


In the age of technology we live in, we all have high performance phones, tablets, access to semi-professional cameras! But a professional photographer really makes the difference between memories created with the phone and those that will last for decades.


Creating "timeless photography" is the field which I love!


And to have faith that your memories are in professional hands, I will give you some details about my experience.


I started photography in 2005, generally focusing on travel and portraiture, photographs that appeared in many publications around the world, including travel guides from National Geographic.


Staring 2015 I specialised in newborn and family photography.


There are years of study in photographic art, improved not only by individual and practical study (only in 2016 I worked with about 300 babies of all ages) but also by 2 years at the George Enescu Art University of Iasi, Faculty of Arts Plastics, Photo-Video Section, 2 portrait workshops outdoor with Mircea Bezergheanu, Newborn Workshop with Olga Vuşcan and Camelia Burduja in Cluj, Online Course "Baby Safety and Posing for Newborn Photographers with Kelly Brown" , Baby wrapping techniques with Kelly Brown, Online courses with Ashlyn Mae, Ryan Schembri and many more.


In addition to all the courses, I am also a mother, which gives me greater confidence in working with babies of all ages, handling newborns so they can be safe and comfortable throughout the session, and understanding psychology of the small children which helps for the success of a photo session.


To create memories together, you can make a booking directly online here or send me an email at

Thank you!

Gabriela Insuratelu Fotograf de nou nascuti in Iasi


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