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Preparing for a photo session of a 6 to 12 months baby outdoor requires a few simple steps to be aware of, so that it is a beautiful experience and the photos we create together to be the ones you desire with your baby. Bellow you have all the details necessary to know when you come to the studio with your baby.

It is recommended that the baby is able to sit for outdoor sessions.


Baby's outfits


We can use outfits from the studio wardrobe for your baby during summer time. 

If you want us to use props we will discuss it ahead. However if you have a special object that you would like for us to use, please bring it with you (a blanket, a teddy, etc). It is important that you choose only that object that really holds a special meaning to you. 

If you made a newborn session for your baby and you used a special object, it would be lovely to bring it so we can mark the baby's growth.

bebeluș la ședinta foto în natură în Iași

Parent's outfits


I highly recommend that you avoid clothes that have drawings, logo's and texts on them. It is best to bring an outfit of neutral colour, simple and without elements that distract you (white, beige, pastel).

They do not look good and will outdate the images fast. You should avoid clothing that sparks or which large prints. If in doubt I am more than wiling to help you choose, if you send me photos of the outfits you were considering. Depending on the season I will recommend different colours.


How long does the session lasts?

The photo session lasts for about 1 hour, and the time of day will be approximately 1.5 hours before sunset, this is why bare in mind that any delay will shorten the duration of the photo session. 


What do you need to bring?

So that we do not rush, please bring extra diapers, moist napkins, bottle of milk if the baby is not breastfed, water and snacks for you, and an warmer outfit for the baby for the end of the session when you leave home. 


For the photo session to go as smoothly as possible please bare in mind a few things


1) please do not vaccinate at least with 2 days prior to the photo session. Babies tend to be grumpy and in no mood for photo session. 

2) it is important that the baby is well rested before the session, so make sure he has a nap before.

3) avoid any agitation and strong stimuli which would make the baby tired

4) I do not recommend the presence of other people besides the parents and siblings at the photo session

5) please let me know if you are planing to bring other people at the session so we can prepare accordingly as the baby work time is limited at this age

Where does the session take place?

  • We will decide together where the location should be, and I will suggest a few options where the light is just right for the photo session, free of charge within 20 km of Iași. 

  • If you want to be photographed in a special location outside the 20 km range, there will be extra charges depending on the distance and the time necessary to get to the location. 


Do you bring props for outdoor sessions?

The props will be minimal and will depend on choice of location. We can further discuss these details via e-mail. 

When and how do we pay? Is there an advance to be paid?

The payment is done at the end of each session, in cash or by bank transfer (online banking). I do not require advanced payment because I believe in the common sense of all people and I am convinced you will let me know if you need to reschedule or cancel your booking if an exceptional situation should arise to prevent you from keeping your booking. 

How do we receive the photos?

The digital files (which you can choose from a selection of un-edited images) will be received through a private online gallery about 8 weeks after the photo session. After editing the session, it's possible that I will post a selection of images on Facebook / website with some pictures with your consent.

Do we sign a contract?


Of course. You will receive the contract in advance to be studied and digitally signed.


These personalised recommendations will also be emailed for you and will include details about studio address, phone number, etc.


If you have any further questions, you can leave a message here.

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