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After hundreds of experiences in the last years since I specialised in newborn and family photography, I answered many questions from my clients. Bellow you can find a list of the most common questions as well as links towards more complex questions as well as session recommendations.


What are the prices for a photo session?


The prices can be found here, on the website, on the Prices page. If you need a more personalised offer you can write to me at or on my Facebook page. From lack of time I rarely manage to answer the phone, sms, or Whatsup, as well messages received on my facebook personal page.


Why the price for a nature session is different than the one in studio?


Because the time and energy resources are different - at a newborn session the time is for 2-3 hours, plus 6 to 8 hours for selecting, editing and so on, while the rest of the sessions usually last for 1 hour and the editing time is shorter. 

How long ahead should I make the booking?


The bookings can be made directly online, where you can check the availability for that period. Usually you should plan on booking your session 2 months ahead. Less than this and you could risk that there are no dates available.


Do I need to bring anything for the photo session?


For each session type you will receive an e-mail with all the necessary informations, which include the address, what outfits are best to bring and many other details so that your experience is a pleasant one. For maternity, newborn and baby sessions up to 1 year old, the studio has high quality props and outfits, so you do not need to worry about this aspect. 

For more complete details you can read the recommendations for the photo sessions at the following links:


How many images do we receive?


The number of images varies for each session and package you choose. You can find these details on the Prices page. Because the maternity and newborn sessions are very carefully edited, you will have the possibility of choosing which images you like the most to be edited. These details about the selection process will be discussed before and during the photo session. 


We want all the photos. they don't have to be edited. Can we have them? What about the RAW files?


When you chose me, you did it because you trust my experience, artistic vision and my talent, and you honestly loved what you saw in my portfolio. Thus, you will receive only those images which I consider them worthy and flawless to be posted online, printed in an album or displayed in a photo frame. 

The RAW images are never released under no circumstances. 


We only want just a few photos, not a whole session. How much is it? Is it possible?


The packages I created should suit everyone's needs, however if you only want just a few photos it is alright, but you will still be charged as for a regular session. Mini sessions are usually done in certain periods of the year such as Easter, Christmas, etc. 


How long does it take to receive the images? Why does it take so long? I want them sooner. Can I pay an emergency tax?


The editing time is 8 weeks because each session goes through an extensive selection process, than each image is edited separately in LR and PS. In between there are other sessions, business administration, and ofcourse my family needs me as well. And sometimes I just need to recharge my batteries to be able to be creative at each photo session. There is no emergency tax. Each client receives their images on their due date. 

They are my photos and I will do as I please with them!

The photos we created together are for your own personal use and can not be sold or given to other people without the photographer's consent, the same way I can not use your photographs without your consent. The copyrights will always remain to the photographer who created them. Please remember these aspects even if the person who needs the photos is someone dear to you but does not want to pay for high quality images, like you actually did. 

This list can be and will be updated in time.

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